Add features, functionality, and integrations as quick-to-code, reusable plugins that can be configured by project managers and designers.

The secret sauce is our unique architecture


Zapp BuildOps

Automated toolset for non-developers to compile builds, add platforms, create multiple app versions, and submit to the stores.


Zapp Marketplace

Home to partner plugins, multi-partner solutions, and your own proprietary code, so you can apply your own preferred tech stack and iterate over time.


Zapp Core Frameworks

The pluggable infrastructure, frameworks and APIs at the heart of Zapp make it faster and more cost-efficient to implement features, functionality and partner integrations - for launch, and long after.


Zapp Studio

Our web-based tool for adding and managing screens, connecting content feeds, and designing cells to customize and to configure the UI and UX of your apps.

Supported platforms



Zapp frameworks

Zapp frameworks enhance Zapp's speed, scale, and cost-efficiency. Developers code once and reuse across multiple apps and multiple platforms.


Zapp Pipes

Creates an open JSON protocol for any content management feed. A single feed can be used across platforms, and different feeds can be applied to different components within a screen and throughout your app.

Zapp Quick Brick

Quick Brick

A development framework that connects React Native UI and UX with critical native app functionality.  One Javascript developer can own a UI roadmap, coding once and scaling across multiple platforms - with 2x speed on mobile and 3x speed on TV platforms.


"Brighterscipt" Development Framework

Unique framework that supports native Brightscript by leveraging open source "Brighter"script. Jump-starts Roku apps by removing 6 months of learning code and repetitive coding, and enabling 5x development speed for new features.

Zapp Measure

Zapp Measure

Middleware that collects analytic event data from screens, players and all of the analytics plugins that power your apps. Tracks 100 analytic events, you decide which events to map to each provider.

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