Zapp offers a better way to app


Launch in weeks

Use pre-integrated 3rd parties from the Zapp Marketplace to build and launch your app in days.


Create custom UI and UX

We don't believe in templates. Zapp Studio gives designers direct control over hundreds of design attributes so they can "develop" according to their vision.


Make a new version at any time

Zapp BuildOps enables users to create and build new apps versions with a few clicks, for unparalleled agility.


Manage life after launch

As soon as you launch, you will want to change something. It's easy for anyone on your team to iterate your apps in response to market feedback.


Add or remove integrations

Change your apps as your business needs change. Add a login, iterate your monetization model, or swap in a new tech stack. Zapp is built for change.


Zapp Pro for Developers

Zapp has an open architecture, and we encourage your team to download your apps' code for local feature development. Our Developer's Center and proprietary frameworks are ready to get your team started!

Featured partners

Media brands often ask our thoughts on the ideal OTT tech stack and workflow. There isn’t one. The real issue is that you can’t evaluate a single element on its own; you need to consider all the cross-interactions and integrations. Launch and iterate your apps’ functionality quickly, using pre-integrated end-to-end solutions in the Zapp Marketplace. Or, choose best-in-breed partners and manage the interoperability on your end.



Zapp’s platform strategy


Zapp is built to launch apps quickly, and iterate after launch.

Review your KPIs and data and optimize your next app release. And the next. And the next. You can make most changes on your own without development expenses.

Plan to iterate while your apps are in production so your business always keeps pace with the velocity of change.


We’re continuously adding features and functionality based on an ever-growing customer set and the paradigm-setting apps across the media industry. Our features continuously grow with the addition of each customer; here are a few:



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Events & Insights

Watch the webinar OTT Success Stories and hear how iOne Digital is using its new mobile and TV apps to grow its audience, deepen viewer engagement, and create new opportunities for advertisers.

We discussed:

  • App ROI that supports your commercial needs
  • Driving efficiencies with technical tools that allow developers and project managers alike to deploy app optimizations
  • Sourcing the right app infrastructure platform for your business 

Watch the on-demand webinar

The media-tech landscape has exponentially grown since we shared our industry predictions for 2020 back in December. In our new e-guide, see how our OTT predictions fared and catch up on the latest industry insights, including:

  • Did Disney+ beat other newcomers to the streaming wars?
  • Did we drop the ‘crystal ball’ when predicting viewers will max out on streaming services (it seems likely!)?
  • What is happening with merging revenue models?
  • Does metadata matter more than ever?
  • And more!

Download the e-guide

Our research report Optimizing the Smart TV Experience, in collaboration with the leading market intelligence company Parks Associates, provides all the latest smart TV data and insights to help you take advantage of the growing OTT & connected media market:

  • Tech improvements for smart TV viewing & app development
  • Impact of market disruptions on device penetration & sophistication
  • Future trends to act on now to seize growth opportunities

Download the research report

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"We have shifted our entire app framework to Applicaster."
Rajneel Kumar
Business Head- Expansion Projects, Zee5
"The implementation, speed of deployment, design and functionality of our apps couldn’t be better thanks to Applicaster."
Guillermo Sierra
Head of Television and Digital Services, HITN
"Applicaster helps us create a stronger content experience so we can grow and better engage our audience.”
Asa Arbel
Head of Product, Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation
Applicaster not only got us to market in weeks but has also given us the flexibility we need to keep on top of, and react to, the audience insights our data is giving us.
Oraine R. Godfrey
Head of Digital Media, SportsMax

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