We Believe In The Power Of Partnerships

Applicaster partners with industry leaders to deliver streaming solutions that drive businesses forward.

Best-in-class partnerships for ultimate customer value

We collaborate with partners across the media and technology landscape to bring powerful, end-to-end streaming solutions to customers. Some of the industry’s most trusted, well-known brands have partnered with Applicaster and our no/low-code SaaS platform to benefit from an open architecture with advanced APIs, built-in rich capabilities that support multiple use cases, and a strong partner success team

Who we work with

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Channel Partners

We partner with technology vendors, video solution providers, system integrators, and marketing agencies to offer their customers comprehensive streaming solutions based on Applicaster’s front-end platform. Our channel partner program helps drive unique and powerful solutions for one single purpose: creating customer value.

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Technology Partners

We’re continuously expanding our integrations plug-in gallery, which currently boasts over 50 third-party services - for content management systems, monetization solutions, user management platforms, analytics tools, consent management systems, and more—readily available to our customers. We partner with software vendors looking to offer their services to customers and end users through Applicaster’s Zapp platform.


Selected partners & certifications



Amagi is a global leader in cloud-based SaaS technology for broadcast and connected TV. Applicaster partners with Amagi to help customers launch professional FAST apps across multiple devices quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Customers can upgrade their solution’s capabilities as their business expands.



Applicaster is an Approved Apple TV app and Apple TV 4K provider, qualified to offer end-to-end solutions for companies looking to launch premium subscription and ad-supported video entertainment services on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.




Axinom provides software products for content-first platforms. Axinom products enable encoding, content management, and security via multi-DRM. Their OTT platforms serve millions of viewers worldwide while also safeguarding content and revenues.



Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS)

With CTSuite, CTS provides the streaming industry with a portfolio of technology solutions needed to scale and expand. Applicaster partners with CTS by expanding its Cloud Video Platform, creating an all-in-one solution for media app creation and management. Applicaster is also a certified CTS provider. 


JW Player (JWP)

JWP is the leading video platform for video-driven businesses. JWP and Applicaster partner to offer an out-of-the-box solution that lets content owners quickly launch custom media and publisher apps at scale, while reducing time-to-market, costs, and development requirements.

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Roku makes it easy to stream free, live, and premium TV with a streaming platform built right in. As approved members of Roku's third-party partners, Applicaster’s proprietary framework enables 5x development speed for new features. The Applicaster-generated Roku apps are written in native Roku BrightScript and support the Roku Advertising Framework (RAF). 



Infront Sports & Media is a sports marketing company. The company handles the media and marketing rights for international sports events and federations and also provides sports services – such as advertising, sponsorship and hospitality. Infront was created in late 2002 through the integration of CWL, Prisma and KirchSportAG. It has 35 offices, which belong to different subsidiaries for geographic regions.



Vimeo’s end-to-end solution combines capabilities for managing the viewer experience, quickly creating high-quality videos, and distributing content at scale. They enable anyone to create high-quality videos to connect better and bring ideas to life. Vimeo proudly serves a community of more than 300 million users.



Vimond offers a modular, browser-based, online video content management platform with a highly efficient workflow for the delivery of OTT live streams and VOD. Vimond Media Solutions powers services from world-leading online TV brands, such as Comcast, Thomson Reuters, TV 2, TV4, Streamotion, Telstra, and many other leading broadcasters and service providers globally.

Partners in action

JW Player - TBN

“[Zapp] is the most advanced app platform that we've found, and the most flexible. That's been a huge thing—that we're not contained within a box. We're only limited by our creativity ... and it's been great having them as a partner.”

Marcus Lopez, Director of OTT Platforms, TBN

CTS - PureFlix

"With this powerful pre-integrated solution, businesses can easily address the core challenges of building a successful direct-to-consumer OTT business with a rapid time to market."

Paul Claussen, Senior Director, Product Strategy

Blue Billywig - OB

“When it was time for a new easy-to-build and easy-to-integrate TV app that could support all TV platforms, we chose to collaborate with Applicaster and their Zapp platform because they checked all the boxes.”

Jeroen Meeter, Blue Billywig’s CEO.

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