We don’t believe in vendor lock;
it’s bad for business health.

The Zapp Marketplace helps speed app releases using pre-integrated partner plugins that can be added and removed from your app’s tech stack with a few clicks of a button. Our Marketplace is unique: it includes best-in-breed OTT household name providers as well as pre-integrated tech stack solutions that will work seamlessly without connecting APIs on an app-by-app level.

Why plugins?


The plugin approach means developers can code once and scale their code across multiple apps, and oftentimes multiple platforms. Each developer can include fields and parameters for customization in the plugin manifest, so other members of the team can customize and configure the elements in the Zapp Studio (without any additional coding).

Our plugin code is open source and can be used as example projects for your developers to code their own features and partner integrations. Read more in the developer's center here

Featured partners in the Zapp Marketplace

The Marketplace is home to all of your apps’ available plugins including UI elements, 3rd party providers, and your own proprietary plugins. You can apply your preferred tech stack with a few clicks, and iterate over time as your needs change.



Some popular 3rd party tech stack solutions

The pre-integrated tech stacks are your secret weapon in launching robust, powerful, cross-platform apps quickly!  Comprised of "household name" OTT providers, these tech stacks include connective APIs so they are guaranteed to interoperate, and power multiple SVOD, AVOD, free with login, and TVE options.

Your team will continue to manage its business needs via your partner portals and can simply connect your accounts to your apps in Zapp by entering your unique identifiers.


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