Launch & Manage
High Performance Roku Channels

Applicaster’s Zapp platform empowers anyone in the media industry to quickly create and maintain great-looking custom Roku channels (apps).


Launch in weeks

Use pre-integrated third parties from Zapp Marketplace to build and launch your Roku channel quickly!

Customize your UI & UX

We don’t believe in templates. Zapp Studio gives designers direct control over hundreds of design attributes so they can “develop” according to their vision.

Build with a click

Zapp BuildOps enables users to create and build new Roku channel versions with a few clicks, enabling unparalleled agility.

4 steps to Zapp your way to a Roku channel

Our platform approach enables rapid and agile Roku channel development. Launch dynamic apps that can be changed as your needs change. 

We are approved members of Roku's approved third-party partners.



Zapp build ops

Compile app-store ready builds
at anytime at the click of a
button and quickly create new
versions for testing any changes.


Zapp studio

Build app screens, configure screen
components and manage every
aspect of app design and UX,
without writing a single line of code.


Zapp marketplace

Select pre-integrated third parties
including video platforms (OVPs),
user management and analytics.


Submit to Roku

Upload to Roku channel store
for distribution to millions of Roku
devices. Manage app UI/UX and content feeds dynamically in Zapp Studio without re-uploading/re-submitting.


Thinking of adding roku to your OTT strategy?

Get the facts, and see how Roku compares with other platforms in this Fact Sheet.  

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Our industry-leading app management platform, Zapp, is an approachable, simple solution to onboard you onto OTT in no time. We make it simple to grow your streaming business without endless fees, engineers, or app updates. Learn more about Zapp with this 2-pager.



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