Open Development

We believe in opening app development to the developers and non-developers on your team.

Frankly, it's easier and more cost-efficient. And helps you use the talents of your diverse team.


We believe in integrating the feature set from the best minds in the media industry.

Our feature set is based on an ever-growing customer set and paradigm-setting apps in OTT.

No vendor lock

We believe that choosing a platform does not prohibit your ability to choose your providers.

With our approach, you can make changes to your partner stack at any time. 

Applicaster in numbers


Founded in 2009


1500+ apps launched


100 million+ engaged users


400+ plugins built on top of Zapp

Applicaster's story

Applicaster was born in 2009, as a team helping broadcasters and media companies make their first apps for a rapidly developing app ecosystem.


Our teams initially made individual apps for media brands around the world, and we built our SaaS platform Zapp to solve the problems we encountered:

  • Developers are a scare resource and we wanted to scale their work and reuse code across multiple apps and multiple platforms.
  • We found it inefficient to make and remake repetitive app elements, so we productized common features and functions, and added configurable fields so others on the team could customize each unique app.
  • We needed to plan for iteration and changing preferences, so we developed an open, pluggable infrastructure that enabled quick-to-code reusable plugins for UI and the back-end tech stack.


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