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Experience matters

When the iPhone hit the market in 2007, Applicaster’s co-founders understood that the way we consume media was about to change forever.

Applicaster founders Jonathan and Neer

They started advising broadcasters and media companies to capitalize on the rapidly developing app ecosystem and the new, media-centric future.

They founded Applicaster two years later and immediately started developing Zapp — our SaaS platform for simplified app development and management — with the goal of helping companies execute their digital strategies quickly and efficiently.

Today, Applicaster is a global company. Years of experience delivering rich media apps, an industry-leading marketplace of Applicaster and partner-built integrations, with the ability to directly code custom components make us the first choice of some of the biggest names in media.

When it comes to direct-to-consumer, experience really does matter.

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Media companies are rediscovering their place in the new digital world. Those that can’t experiment and innovate quickly are going to suffer.
Jonathan Laor
Applicaster Co-founder & CEO

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