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Case Study

DirecTV gives sports radio fans the visual, on-demand app they deserve

Cell phone with DirecTV screenshots
Dan Patrick

The Dan Patrick Show is a popular American sports talk show from DirecTV, and needed to improve the quality of its app to match the quality of its content. The show's team needed a platform that could provide a stronger app design as well as critical video and podcast services. 

Zapp provided all the design services and flexibility for the new app, as well as access to ready-to-go services and integrations from the Zapp Marketplace. For any extra functionality required, Zapp's open development capability allowed the development of new features like offline podcast access. Following the app's relaunch, the user experienced improved and the store rating went from 1 to 5 stars.

The Dan Patrick Show was able to minimize their investment in the app by leveraging many ready-to-go design and functional services already within the app platform.

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Case Study

5 OTT Platforms in 6 Months

In an effort to extend its reach with an increasing millennial audience, iOne Digital was tasked with finding an agile solution that would maintain its 11 Urban Lifestyle publications under one brand umbrella—each with different audiences, communities, technology systems, and monetization models.

Leveraging Applicaster’s Zapp platform, iOne digital launched A Space For Creators, a one-stop home for Urban Lifestyle video content from 11 unique brands on 5 platforms within 6 months. This incredible speed time-to-market allowed iOne Digital to begin collecting important data and begin building an audience in order to understand how best to best optimize its advertising solution.

Today iOne Digital’s team uses Zapp to iterate as they iron out the new brand, and optimize UI for engagement. The independent app management across all platforms can be performed at a Project Manager level, freeing up developers' time and allowing for designing creative future iterations. Download the case study here.

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Case Study

ProSiebenSat.1 centralizes the creation and management of its multi-brand, multi-national media apps

Pro7 Mockups mobile TV
Pro7 Mockups tablets
ProSiebenSat.1, a German-based broadcaster, required a number of apps for their various brands and content verticals (broadcast TV & sports), different territories (Germany & Austria), and multiple viewing platforms (mobile and smart TV) – all while supporting overlapping requirements such as common video player, backend, etc. as well as distinct ones such as local analytics, mixed content including sports data, and differing business models. Managing diverse requirements from different stakeholders as well as the need to maintain such a large number of apps was creating a major operational burden.

All from within the Zapp platform, ProSiebenSat.1 delivered numerous apps (9 TV single channel apps, 3 sports apps, and 1 multichannel app) – seamlessly integrating their custom video player, integrated with their middleware to source content. 

Thanks to Zapp, ProSiebenSat.1 has cut costs, streamlined operations, and sped time-to-market in launching their app porftolio.

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Case Study

Copa America tournament kicks off with a dynamic fan-first experience

Conmebol copa america mobile Mockups_1
Conmebol copa america mobile Mockups_2

For the 2019 Copa America football tournament, the tournament’s rights holders – CONMEBOL and Dentsu – aimed to launch new media properties to grow tournament awareness and to drive fan engagement before and during the live tournament. With only a few months to create the app, the launch required an effective management of time, resources, and content deployment.

Without live-streaming rights of the tournament’s matches, the app would need to surprise and delight fans in order to ensure fan retention. The app, and supporting technology, would need to support a variety of rich engagement features both during and outside match times; a dynamic and intuitive UI with ongoing updates, responsive to tournament progress; and monetization opportunities, particularly for tournament sponsors, to drive sponsor awareness and maintain the tournament’s commercial objectives.

The tournament's resulting app maintained fan relevance with personalized user onboarding and with a phased deployment of pre-tournament messaging followed by a full-content launch. Zapp's ability to make real-time changes to the app design during the tournament provided a flexible app UI to deploy updates to fans, and Applicaster's Marketplace allowed for the integration of technologies to create more opportunities for sponsors and to enable real-time live voting for fans.

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Case Study

Funke Mediengruppe's news brands drive deeper engagement on a local level

Funke mobile Mockups
Funke Tablet Mockups
Funke Mediengruppe is a German publisher with multiple regional brands, news portals, and magazines throughout the country. Funke wanted to replace their existing mobile news apps, with the flexibility to launch further similar apps quickly and easily. They also wanted to integrate multiple owned and 3rd party services such as video player, login, analytics, and advertising.
We created a simple yet elegant app design that reflected the brand's unique identity. Leveraging the plugin-capabilities of our Zapp platform, we created multiple plugins to connect critical services such as a data source plugin, an advertising plugin, and a user login plugin.

The creation of a core app and connected services in the Zapp platform allowed for faster time-to-market, with easier and faster duplication to create multiple apps for Funke's various brands. The flexibility and immediacy of Zapp also allows Funke's editors to easily trial new creative strategies with new feeds and article structures.

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Case Study

Liga ACB scores a new look for the new season

ACB mobile Mockup
ACB tablet Mockups

The liga ACB is Spain’s principal men’s professional basketball league, comprised of 18 teams. Under new leadership, the league moved to create a new and younger image, which required a new mobile application for the upcoming season.

To fit a younger audience, ACB wanted new engagement features without complex development. At the same time, they didn’t want everything to be completely new and wanted to continue working with some of their legacy partners and services. To do all this, ACB required a platform that minimized development and could connect numerous services from numerous providers but with fast time-to-market.

Zapp provided ACB with an all-in-one solution, reducing technological complexity and launch time thanks to the platform's ready-to-go UX components, out-of-the-box plugins, open architecture to easily accommodate ACB’s existing services, and more. The new app integrated interactive features like MVP voting and team video chat, provided by Applicaster and partners in the Applicaster Marketplace, to increase fan engagement and retention. Looking ahead, the platform's user-friendly UI and ongoing maintenance from Applicaster will enable more seamless app evolution without a full-time dedicated development team.

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Case Study

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation creates a one-stop multi-media destination

Kan mobile Screenshot
Kan tablet Screenshot
Kan tablet Screenshot
The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation was managing separate apps for its numerous content verticals – news, entertainment, music, sports, and more – and in some cases, with UI and content in eight languages. In addition to reducing complexity and leveraging more flexible technology, the brand needed a solution with more creative capabilities to help attract a new audience. 
The centralization and flexibility of the Zapp platform allowed for the consolidation of multiple content verticals within a single app management interface, while providing a fitting UI for each content format like live video, VOD, radio, podcasts, and more. The Kan app used numerous ready-to-go UI components for standard screens, and selected a few critical screens for custom development and design where audience engagement mattered most. 

With a balanced platform strategy between available features and new development, the beautiful Kan app launched in less than three months. The flexible app UI emboldens every content format and vertical, allowing for immediate updates and greater relevance across all areas. Thanks to a beautiful custom home screen and navigation, as well as timely updates, the app has received great reviews and has made a great impression with its expanding audience.

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