Fitness Streaming

Barre3 is transforming the fitness industry, offering full-body workouts in over 175 studios and serving close to 70,000 virtual subscribers monthly across more than 145 countries. In response to the growing demand for mobile experiences and the need for creative ways to enhance their user experience, Barre3 expanded its services with a mobile app in 2020.

While Barre3 saw growth, the process of managing their app became challenging and time-consuming. In a bold move, Barre3 opted to find cutting-edge partners to transform their digital platform and increase their subscribership. In 2023, Barre3 teamed up with Applicaster and JW Player to revamp their app solution for greater UX control and flexibility.

Total App Optimization

Barre3's aim was not just to upgrade their app, but to build a powerful platform for digital subscription growth. Additionally, they sought a tailored user experience, improved video management and automation capabilities, the ability to incorporate various third-party systems, and enhanced, data-driven decision making. Furthermore, a key aspect of their strategy was rapid testing and iteration, enabled by avoiding traditional developer dependencies.

1 (4)We didn’t have enough control over our app creation process, and we were not going fast enough to market. JW Player and Applicaster empowered us to fully own our apps,2 (4)

said John Hutchison, Director of Digital Products of Barre3.

Working closely with both teams and their own in-house design and technical talent, Barre3 tapped into Applicaster’s Zapp platform, along with JW Player’s expertise, achieving a swift app launch within a month. The result? An optimized app ready to fuel their digital subscription goals.

Hear from Barre3

1 (4)The pre-integrated, comprehensive JW Player and Applicaster platform simplified the onboarding, management, optimization, and billing of our apps. No other vendor gave us the power to have seamless integrations and get our apps into the market in days.2 (4)

—John Hutchison, Director of Digital Product, Barre3

A Trusted Partnership

With Applicaster and JW Player as technology partners, Barre3 experienced a comprehensive transformation to their frontend and backend infrastructure. Barre3 noted several key improvements after launching their app:

  • Customized and branded app experience: Barre3 was able to work with the Applicaster team to create a highly customized app that aligned with their brand.
  • Seamless integration and data access: Through their collaboration with JW Player and Applicaster, Barre3 successfully incorporated tracking within their app and into their data warehouse. As a result, they were able to enhance their decision-making process with valuable data insights from behavioral analytics tools.
  • Improved automation and efficiency: The partnership enabled Barre3 to automate various video management components, resulting in increased productivity through streamlined operations in a single management interface.
  • Successful migration to a new paywall: Barre3 transitioned from their previous proprietary paywall to a new solution owned by JW Player, enabling them to transfer existing users and incorporate new users from iOS and Android devices.
  • Enhanced filtering experience: Through this partnership, Barre3 developed a more robust filtering experience for users, allowing them to easily navigate the different workout options available.

With Applicaster and JW Player’s reliable communication, collaboration, and ability to overcome limitations, Barre3 continues to work towards even more tailored, efficient user experience and growth.

Partner with Applicaster

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