Innovative Entertainment

Digital TV, a member of the Digital Tree media group, is the first independent digital entertainment platform in Cyprus to launch Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels across Connected TV (CTV) and mobile to the Eastern Mediterranean market. The new Digital TV App, created in partnership with Applicaster, will offer news and entertainment shows, movies, on-demand series, and 50+ global FAST channels to viewers.

Independent OTT Innovation

As digital pioneers in the Eastern Mediterranean, Digital TV had the ambitious goal of launching FAST to the region. To do that, they needed to build a powerful app, scale their frontend stack, and seamlessly integrate an in-house CMS to manage the addition of FAST channels.

1 (4)With years of experience behind them, we trusted Applicaster’s ability to deliver what we needed quickly, with the quality, speed, and agility that Zapp is known for.2 (4)

—Phanos Demetriou, CEO, Digital Tree

Being able to offer their audiences a top-notch viewing experience was the most important consideration for Digital Tree when choosing an app management platform. They were also looking for a quick and easy building experience that required minimal developer effort, simultaneous releases across all devices, and built-in audience insights and analytics. Applicaster’s Zapp app management platform offered a simple solution for meeting all of Digital Tree’s needs.

Hear from Digital Tree

1 (4)We had meetings with dozens of platforms and software-as-a-service owners in the industry, but the moment we were given a tour of Applicaster's Zapp platform, we knew that if we were going to rely on anything, this was it.2 (4)

—Elias Papa, Head & Technical lead, Tab and Spaces

An Ideal Partnership

Applicaster’s partnership with Digital Tree Group kicked off in early 2023 in collaboration with Digital TV’s internal developer team. The Zapp platform’s powerful low/no-code platform and built-in player offered multiple functionalities required by Digital TV, including the ability for FAST channel monetization, VOD monetization, and integrations for logins, payments, consent management, and more.

1 (4)Applicaster has a reputation for empowering its customers to craft custom experiences, allowing for seamless integrations and quick, efficient app builds. Their Zapp platform has helped us expand into FAST and optimize the audience viewing experience, making them the ideal partner to take Digital TV to the next level.2 (4)

—Phanos Demetriou, CEO, Digital Tree

The new app has launched and allows viewers to stream independent Digital TV content across platforms. When asked what they liked best about working with Applicaster and Zapp, the Digital Tree team highlighted the potential for regional growth, the Applicaster team’s highly knowledgeable customer support managers, and:

  • Zapp’s powerful and intuitive administration panel
  • The low/no-code frontend UI build experience for every platform (web, mobile, tv)
  • The ease of API integrations, given that the platform is backend agnostic
  • And the platform’s seamless UI updates that don’t require a new build for every app. Users simply need to close and reopen the app to see immediate change

“We are pleased to partner with the Digital Tree Group, an innovative media leader with an extensive online network, as they embrace regional OTT to take their offering to the next level,” said Ido Hadari, Applicaster’s CEO. “We look forward to a successful launch of the Digital TV app and to supporting Digital Tree Group as they continue to grow.”

Partner with Applicaster

Interested in launching your own OTT media service? Learn how the powerful app management platform that helped Digital Tree Group grow their independent entertainment business can work for you. Contact us today to start building your own next-level streaming app.