A 2080% increase in daily downloads

Dish Nation TV quiz created and launched in 24 hours.


Dish Nation is a Fox-syndicated TV Show that dishes the gossip on pop celebrity news with a witty commentary on pop culture. With the back-to-season approaching the show wanted to launch a 4-day contest where contestants could win $500 by answering questions that use pop culture references to solve tricky math problems.

Dish Nation needed to enable their app to allow users to answer the questions, gather data and provide a user friendly experience. And they needed it fast!



Applicaster moved quickly to create the Porsha’s Pop Quiz within the existing Dish Nation app. The quiz included an Applicaster Stitcher questionnaire, Mixpanel analytics and Urban-Airship push notifications. Trigger points inside of the app included a lower third banner plus an Applicaster sync-button that acted as a takeover screen any time the user opened the app, prompting them to take the quiz. All this was turned around in 24 hours.


All the technology worked perfectly and the contest went without a flaw. The user stats were hugely impressive.

  • Increase in daily downloads up by 2080%
  • Average increase over 4 days in user sessions 598%
  • Peak increase on one day 1227%

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