NY Giants fans have their say

Giants win big through increased interaction with fans.


The New York Giants have long entertained and engaged their legions of fans with a regular chat show called Blue Kick Off. The show, streamed live to their fans via their mobile app, is presented by a team of experts and chews over the latest Giants’ performance and tactics and looks forward to upcoming games. The Giants wanted to take the show beyond just a one-way broadcast and incorporate fan opinion into the show in a seamless and natural way.



We integrated our existing interactive and CMS plugins into the Giants’ existing app. By using the CMS, the Giants production team to were able to select the best tweets and display them on top of the live stream in the mobile/tablet app and trigger polls that users could take part in.


The tweets provided extra discussion points for the presenters who could weave the results of that viewer interaction into the show itself and fans could take part in the polls simply by tapping on the video on their phone or tablet.

Blue Kick Off was transformed from a one-way broadcast to a truly social, interactive event where the audience felt part of the action, generating strong social media involvement and participation rates.

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