CTV streaming +45% YOY

Box & Stick streaming + 35% YOY

CTV ad spend +19% YOY

On average, people subscribe to 4 services

NEW Fast Forward Solutions are designed to help media companies launch new apps and new platforms to grow their businesses.

(Source: IAB Spend Research Study 2020) 

Launch up to 8 platforms in 4 weeks






Fast Launch

Launch in 1 month, adjust over time as your needs change.


Seamless Solutions

Solutions powered by “household name” OTT providers like JW Player, Brightcove, CTS, Google, and Adobe Primetime.


For Every Business Model

SVOD, AVOD, SVOD+AVOD, TV Everywhere, and Free with Login business models.


Custom Design

Create beautiful, pixel-perfect custom design; no templates.


Made to Grow

No rev share, no penalty for audience growth.



Architect in the cloud & make changes remotely using Zapp and your partners' dashboards.

Multi-partner interoperability solved


Fast Forward tech stacks include connective APIs to ensure these industry-leading providers interoperate with no hidden development costs.

Your team will continue to manage its business needs and make updates via the partners' portals. You'll connect these accounts to Zapp by entering your unique identifiers.

See how JW Player, CTS, Adobe Primetime & Inplayer's customers are using Applicaster to speed multi-platform apps to market


SVOD with JW Player + Inplayer + Google Analytics + Parental Lock + Chromecast

Edye created its early childhood educational app in one month using JW Player content feeds, Inplayer user and subscription management.


TVE with CTS + Adobe Primetime + Google Analytics + Airship Push Notifications

Urban lifestyle network tvOne launched apps using existing CTS MPX content feeds, and customized the cable providers to choose among in its Adobe Primetime login screen.


Ad-supported VOD and Live with CTS + Google Ad Manager + Google IMA + Google Analytics

iOne Digital created a new ad-supported brand, A Space for Creators, as a single destination for video content for its 11 publisher brands.

Zapp's tech uniquely allows media brands to launch quickly, participate in this period of intense growth in streaming, and iterate after launch as the market continues to change. 

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