How To Cure Your Pain in the Apps

A New Video Series from Evan Shapiro & Applicaster


Introducing How To Cure Your Pain in the Apps, Applicaster’s new video series hosted by Evan Shapiro, CEO of ESHAP and the media universe’s “cartographer”. Join us as we take an honest look at the streaming industry with some of its top experts and reveal innovative solutions to your biggest app management challenges.

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Episode 1: How These Experts Tackle Their Pain in the Apps
April 3, 2024

Hear some of the best insights from our four industry experts on how they’re thinking about their pain in the apps. Discover the transformative strategies and innovative solutions that are shaping the media app world.

video_thumnail Marcus

Episode 2: The Art of Seamless Media Delivery
April 10, 2024

Join Marcus Lopez, TBN’s Director of OTT Platforms, as he shares how his team makes streaming seamless amidst the complexities of live feeds, apps, and AVOD, SVOD, and FAST platforms.

video_thumnail Dave

Episode 3: Breaking Free From Legacy Systems Limbo
April 18, 2024

Explore the importance of A/B testing and user empowerment with Dave Otten, CEO of JW Player. See how integrating modern solutions with legacy systems can pave the way for innovative monetization.

video_thumnail Joe-1

Episode 4: The Innovation Meets Budget Balancing Act
April 24, 2024

Joe Daniel of Entertainment discusses the art of balancing innovation with budget constraints. Uncover the roles of trusted partnerships and resource allocation in evolving digital products.

Jonathan Laor

Episode 5: Front-End Flexibility & the Quest for Innovation
May 2, 2024

Applicaster’s Jonathan Laor stresses the importance of infrastructure unification and front-end flexibility. Learn how adapting business strategies through tech can lead to sustainable growth and a competitive edge.