Don’t buy apps - Invest in a platform

Technology doesn’t stand still. That’s why we built Zapp to evolve. So invest in your audience and let us handle the tech.

Technology that works with you

Technology is vital to keep audiences engaged but keeping up with technology change is risky and expensive. Move to our Zapp platform and we'll take the risks so you can concentrate on your audience.

Develop Real Relationships

Applicaster offers a distribution platform for delivering and experimenting go to market strategies and experiences without compromising integrity and unity of relationships.

Equip Sales & Marketing with Tools for Success

Replicating traditional monetization strategies means failing to realize the potential of the new digital world. We offer a wide array of products for tracking and analyzing audience behavior to leverage existing advantages.

You Control the Tech

A rich developer community approach, unique pluggable code ecosystem, and practices for propelling in-house development teams are all part of how Zapp combats vendor lock and puts CTOs back in control of their tech.

Owning the NOW

Applicaster is the only vendor that offers a wide variety of tools dealing with the critical issue of NOW. Our offering includes the integration of social media into live streams and empowering field reporters and casts with tools to inject content in real time.

Going Global

Applicaster builds distribution platforms for the complex reality of the ever-changing media space including the deployment of different offerings, UX, and business models in different regions, and for creating distinct apps to be deployed by independent franchise owners around the world.


We deliver a wide variety of features for media companies, publishers and brands to connect and engage with their audience, including notification services, voting and polls, quizzes, aggregated social and content feeds, and messaging available as part of an app or integrated into a pre-existing property. Much of this functionality can be activated remotely even after the app has been launched, providing maximum flexibility.


A cloud platform built to deliver flexibility for App developers in the media space.

We believe you should never tie your fate to one provider. We know technology is changing faster than any of us can predict. And we can’t do anything about that. But what we can do is neutralize the threat to your organization. At Applicaster, we take the tech from your equation and put it into ours. We’ll build an agnostic, open-stack infrastructure free from vendor lock that’s flexible and creates meaningful IP ownership.

We solve the problems associated with specific integrations and stacks so you can take the steering wheel to deliver change at a much higher pace. The Applicaster platform gives you flexibility and continuity in your business model so if you change your mind, it’s no issue.


Your app, your way


Your media source


Your app in the stores


Your content remotely

Supported platforms

  • Android
  • iOS
  • tvOS
  • Roku
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Samsung Smart TV



Partners & Integrations

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