Key Factors to Consider for Creating Fan-centric E&M Apps

User behaviors are quickly evolving, and content consumption is happening across an ever-widening environment of distribution channels and platforms. Thus, media brands with the strongest relationship with their fans and the most insight into their preferences have a huge advantage.

Unfortunately, there are too many big E&M brands that focus on analyzing metrics like ratings, unique visitors, and viewing time instead of dedicating resources to building a direct relationship and engaging with their viewers, drilling into the functional, emotional, and social behaviors to convert and maintain them as fans.

For a number of E&M brands, loyal fans can generate around 80 percent of that brand’s overall business value. Investments in content and technology therefore must prioritize initiatives aimed at serving those avid fans.

E&M brands can create fan-centric apps in the following ways:

Multi-platform apps:

Audiences and dedicated fans want to be able to view their favorite content anywhere, on any device, and at any time. With new devices and platforms released all the time, the only way E&M brands can ensure that they are not lagging behind is to invest in a platform that:

  • Will enable them to launch quality apps on multiple platforms with the push of a button
  • Updates all the latest releases without the viewers having to download new versions of the app

React in the NOW:  

Viewers and, more importantly, fans want to be updated immediately with anything that is new and happening. Brands must invest in a platform that gives them the control and power to react in real-time, with the ability to change and add to their apps directly and collaborate with other departments, all without depending on subcontractors or lengthy developments cycles that turn into bottlenecks.


E&M brands should build a tool box of distribution channels and use them to build their brands and direct destinations.

As streaming, mobile devices, and social media are becoming the main foundation blocks of user behavior and content consumption, E&M brands have an opportunity to leverage these channels and build a direct strategy.

Using social media as a promotional tool, or even as a “teaser”, to attract audiences to their destinations requires investing in a powerful, owned and operated showcase destination to grow and deepen the fan base.


What is the best way to monetize?

  • AVOD?
  • SVOD?
  • Advertising vs. sponsored?


This is a question any media company should ask when launching and managing a media app strategy. The key to success is investing in a platform that will provide the freedom to choose a method and easily replace it with another, or even add another.

Brands shouldn't commit — they should maintain their freedom of choice.

In a disrupted market, only those who are able to adapt quickly to changing trends and demands can succeed and leverage the opportunity.

Brands that build fan bases must effectively capture their premium value. Fans engage with brands across many channels and platforms, and they feel increasingly uneasy when content and advertising are presented to them out of context. Thus, E&M brands must become more sophisticated in regards to data, segmentation, measurement, and technology if they are going to succeed.

In the future, the preferential economics of fan-centric E&M brands together with the need for better internal collaboration and more holistic relationships with partners will drive them to reorganize their businesses in different ways.  

This is how E&M brands can successfully create fan-centric content and beat out the competition.

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