MIPCOM 2019: An engagement strategy is one part content, one part tech

At Applicaster we are a creative engagement accelerator.

Even before MIPCOM begins, network buyers are already strategizing on how they’ll promote and distribute all their newest shows. Whether this means a revised in-app content screen, new digital advertising, or signing sponsors, every creative strategy is linked to a technology action. For over 10 years at Applicaster, we’ve been helping media companies accelerate these technology actions, enabling media brands to better express their creativity and to grow their brand without obstacles – all through their mobile and smart TV apps.

Speed, flexibility, and monetization are central to our work with diverse media brands across the world, from multi-national broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1, to publisher Hearst, to sports tournament Copa America. Through Applicaster’s app management platform, these brands and others are gaining more control and immediacy over their content and advertising strategies.

When it’s time to launch a new series, countdown to an event, or promote breaking news, these updates in the app layout should be completed in days, rather than in weeks or months. Media brands will see the greatest return on their content investment when they can utilize their content when, how, and where they wish. Leaving MIPCOM with a great new series for the run up to Christmas? Quickly create and deploy new app screens and series promotions to ensure the best ROI on your new content.

Media brands should never be in a position where they can’t sign a potential advertiser or sponsor because of creative or timing limitations. Instead media properties will increase their value to advertisers as long as they can quickly integrate and impress them. In Applicaster’s app management platform, a late sponsorship or a demanding advertiser is nothing to sweat. The platform supports the quick deployment of visual updates, such as a new advertising unit, and the design of eye-catching screens that elevate a sponsor’s communications, giving content brands an opportunity for greater advertising revenues.

At Applicaster we are a creative engagement accelerator. Within our app management platform is a wealth of creative media solutions designed to give media companies more speed, flexibility, and control in driving audience engagement. Join us at MIPCOM 2019 in Riviera 7, J15 to learn how Applicaster can support your creative and business strategies.

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